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{Tips} Flytographer Review, a fun new way of capturing our travels!

Just shy of 4 months old, we took Owen on his first international trip… to Seoul! Prior to this, he has only been on one other trip — a road trip to Portland.

My (Shirlene’s) family also flew in to Seoul from Malaysia. Since it was my birthday and the entire family was in Seoul together, we wanted a special souvenir to capture the memories. At the time we were planning this trip, we also learnt about Flytographer through our network of travel bloggers.

You sign up and tell them where you’re vacationing and they’ll hook you up with local professional photographers at your destination who will then come join you on your agreed upon time/day and take photos for you. They operate in over 130 destinations across six continents.

Flytographer connected us to a local South Korea photographer, Allen who joined us on our visit to the Korean Folk Village for Shirlene’s birthday! (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

So, we had Flytographer connect us with a photographer in Seoul for a 1 hour visit to Korean Folk Village on February 13th, 2015. Jeremy was ecstatic he wouldn’t have to be the one behind the camera all the time! I was excited to have the chance to capture photos of my entire family together, on vacation!


The Flytographer Experience

The entire experience was delightful. From the start, we were in touch with our Shoot Concierge, Jen, who handled the communication between us and Allen, our Flytographer. She also sent us a Shoot Scoop (summary email) once details (location, time etc…) have been agreed upon. We quickly got connected with Allen via Whatsapp and had no trouble getting in touch with him when we were in Seoul.

Allen, our Flytographer in Seoul

Allen was super easygoing and made us all feel at ease and comfortable fairly quickly. In just a few days, right before we headed back to Kuala Lumpur after a week-long vacation in Seoul, we received an email from Allen that the photos were all ready! We couldn’t be happier!

We loved all the photos that were taken! Following are just a few of our favorite.

Liam enjoying a stroll at Korean Folk Village. He was a little curious as to why Mr. Allen was following us around though 🙂 (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Grandma and Owen enjoying Korean pancake. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

“Can I have some Korean pancake too, pleaseeeeeee?” (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Grandpa and Liam taking a break from all the walking. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

We love all the candid shots that Allen captured! (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

“Where is daddy?” (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Liam decided he didn’t want to join in the everyone-stand-in-one-line group photo. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

The Lim family. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Having some fun with traditional Korean punishment techniques! (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Who’s next? (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Owen woke up, wondering what all the laughing was about. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Traditional Korean dance that we were watching at the Korean Folk Village. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Love the artistic photos Allen captured! (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Liam taking a break with Steven and Shu Yee. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Cheeky Liam with grandparents. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

Father and son posing for the camera. (Photo credit: Allen of Flytographer)

There are so many more beautiful pictures that were captured.Go here to see the full album.



We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and think the pricing was reasonable for the quality and quantity of photographs we received.We look forward to using the Flytographer service in the future!


Discount Code

To get a $25 discount, use the code #FLYFAN. If you sign up using our referral linkwe in turn also get $25 off for our future use. You do not need to use the link to get the discount but we’d appreciate it if you did!


Disclaimer: We received a media discount from Flytographer. Our experience, review and opinions are as always, entirely our own. 


  1. Shirley November 24, 2015 Reply

    so how much you pay for the photos taken in this trip by this photographer?

  2. Dacia August 23, 2015 Reply

    We needed this in Taiwan. 🙂 What a shame we missed this.

  3. Nice photographs! I always find that I never have enough pictures of myself when traveling as a solo traveler. I definitely need to change that soon and hire someone during one of my trips!
    Chanel recently posted..Exploring Europe by Train with Rail EuropeMy Profile

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