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{USA} Our Favorite Breakfast Place in Honolulu, Iyasume Musubi

Warm, super premium grade short grain rice topped with delicious SPAM, all held in place by a piece of seaweed wrapped around it. Simple yet mouthwateringly delicious!

This is just one of the many SPAM musubi variations available at Iyasume Musubi. This is a breakfast/lunch MUST EAT on our list everytime we’re in Honolulu.

Our favorite? Egg Cucumber Spam Musubi and the Bacon & Egg Spam Musubi!

One of our favorite: Cucumber Egg Spam Musubi. Simple yet mouthwateringly delicious! (Photo courtesy of Sandra Choy)

Egg Cucumber Spam Musubi

Our favorite? Egg Cucumber Spam Musubi and the Bacon & Egg Spam Musubi! (Photo courtesy of Sandra Choy)

That’s not all! In addition to the musubi, they’ve also perfected various flavors of the onigiri! It’s hard to pick a favorite because every single one we have tried has always been delicious. You can’t go wrong picking any of the onigiri on the menu.

The “fluffy and moist” rice enveloping the various perfectly flavored fillings just screams perfection and quality!

Spam musubi and Onigiri. Comfort food when in Honolulu! (Photo courtesy of Sandra Choy)

Iyasume Musubi is undoubtedly a “must visit” everytime we’re in Honolulu. The store is a typical hole in the wall in one of the alleys on Koa Avenue in Waikiki. You really must pay attention in order to locate the store. Once you know where the store is, going back is fairly easy. Here’s the address:

Iyasume Musubi
2410 Koa Ave
Hale Waikiki Hotel, Suite 4
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 921-0168


Locating the Store

It’s in an alley across the street from The Sheraton Princess Kaiulani. On Koa Avenue, look out for an alley with a sign that says “Hana no Sato” near it’s entrance.

Peek inside the alley and you’ll see a stall on the left selling surfing lessons called Big Wave Dave.

The store is opposite the surfing stall on the first floor of the Hale Waikiki Hotel. There’s typically a line everytime we go there, so you can’t miss the line of people standing outside the store.

Peek into the alleys along Koa Avenue (which is right opposite Kaiulani Ave near Sheraton Princess Kaiulani hotel). Look for the sign: Hana no Sato.

Big Wave Dave is a surfing stall located right outside the entrance to Iyasume Musubi.

There’s typically a line outside the store. You can’t miss it.

Onigiri welcoming you to the store.

Can’t miss the welcoming smiling onigiri sign outside the store!

There are also bentos and other options available. Our favorite are still the musubi and onigiri that are freshly made to order.

Just some of the options available.


Don’t be overwhelmed by the various signs all over the store. You can’t go wrong with whatever it is you order from here. The musubi and onigiri are freshly made to order. There might be a short wait while they prepare your order but it’s worth the wait! Don’t just take our word for it! Check it out next time you’re in Waikiki. We might even see you there when we get another chance to go to Honolulu in the future!















  1. Iyasume Musubi is a hole in the wall in Waikiki.
  2. They have “made to order” spam musubi and onigiri that are mouthwateringly delicious.
  3. It’s our “must have” everytime we’re in Waikiki for breakfast/brunch/lunch.
  4. The store we go to is the one located on Koa Avenue (2410 Koa Avenue, Hale Waikiki Hotel #4, Honolulu, HI 96815).
  5. They are open 7 days a week.
  6. Click here for their menu with photos.

Are you headed to Waikiki? What is your favorite breakfast/lunch places? Is Iyasume Musubi on your radar?


  1. Kieu December 10, 2012 Reply

    Ahh I miss this place.. I think I’ll make some musubi from my musubi maker I bought there today to remember the good times. Lol
    Kieu recently posted..A Walk Through Hobbiton, in PhotosMy Profile

  2. Nico November 21, 2012 Reply

    I’ll be honest, up until the second I read spam I was hooked. Japanese food is generally great. Japanese food with spam, not convinced :/
    Nico recently posted..Exploring Lisbon in a DazeMy Profile

  3. The Guy
    November 8, 2012 Reply

    Wow that is interesting looking food. Hopefully I’ll get to try it some day. It looks great.

  4. My Travel Affairs November 8, 2012 Reply

    Looks so so yummy! Now I only think about going to Honolulu 🙂 lol
    My Travel Affairs recently posted..Safari in Pendjari National ParkMy Profile

  5. Diana October 23, 2012 Reply

    This leaves me hungry! I love spam masubi!
    Diana recently posted..Puerto Rico And The Bioluminescent BayMy Profile

  6. Kent
    October 22, 2012 Reply

    This makes me want to go to Honolulu AND get a Bacon & Egg Spam Musubi!
    Kent recently posted..Showing the Good ChinaMy Profile

  7. Ele October 22, 2012 Reply

    I’m afraid I won’t be coming to the States soon, but I loved the post. I am a huge Japanese food fan and this-pardon my ignorance-looks like one big delicious sushi 🙂 I am a bit sad our country cannot boast a lot of international cuisine.
    Ele recently posted..Amerika okupuoja arba Apie kavąMy Profile

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