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Capturing Colors Through Our Travel Lenses

“Capture The Color” is a photoblogger contest hosted by They’ve issued a challenge to the travel blogger community to share photos from our travels that captures the essence of the five colors: Blue, Green, White, Red and Yellow.

We are honored to have been nominated by Kathy Mendes, a fellow traveler who captures her adventures traveling, scuba diving and underwater photography through her blog, DiverMaiden. Check out her awesome #CaptureTheColor submission post here.

Winners of the contest will be awarded prizes that include iPads or even a grand prize of £2,000! Check out our photo submission below…



Maui is one of our favorite holiday destinations in the world. The calmness of Maui makes it the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

During one of our recent trips back to Maui, we stayed at Grand Wailea Hotel (~40 minutes south of Lahaina). This hotel perfectly captures the serenity and beauty of Maui!

Their pool is one of the major attractions of this hotel for families with kids but we were also happy that they had an adults only pool for those of us without kids. In this photo, we hope you can sense the calmness of Maui that the hotel has managed to capture throughout their hotel and pool area.



Juleh” (also spelt Juley, Jule, Julay and pronounced “joo-lay”) is the first word uttered to us when we landed in Leh, India. Curious, we asked the manager of the inn we stayed in what it meant. “Juleh is a magic word” says the manager. It means hello, goodbye, thank you, how are you, nice to meet you and you’re welcome!

It really was the ONLY word we learnt and needed while in Leh!

On one of our walks around town, we stopped to say hi to some people selling vegetables. We asked them for permission to take a picture of them (basically pointed at the camera and then at them and said “OK?”) and they happily obliged.

All of them giggled when we showed them their photo we took of them on our camera. We didn’t talk much except for the exchange of multiple “juleh” back and forth. The exchange of “juleh”, the photo taking and the giggles were an honest exchange between different cultures across language barriers! Juleh truly is a “magic” word!



We consider ourselves “outdoorsy” with camping being one of our favorite outdoor activity! Tent camping is a blast and all but we also love seeking out more unique and special experiences. Camping at Rolling Huts is one of the more unique camping trips we have ever been on.

Instead of tents, we stayed at these elevated wooden huts. It turns out, these huts are a creative solution to a local zoning code that only allows RVs in this area. The huts were put on rusted wheels and are now classified as mobile homes, which met the regulatory requirements hence the name “Rolling” Huts. Ingenious!

We’d classify Rolling Huts as luxury camping. The inside is modern and fully equiped with a kitchenette and wifi. Steps away, you have access to hot showers and flushable toilets.

This is a perfect “beginner camping” trip for anyone who’s never camped/stayed at a cabin before or for anyone looking for a unique camping experience (we’ve been back twice!). Read more about our experience here.



Paradise on Earth, the Taj Mahal.

We were awestruck when we saw the Taj Mahal for the first time. It gives off an ethereal, tranquil and serene feeling when you look at it. We just couldn’t believe that this structure was hand-built just over 300 years ago! You cannot fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the Taj Mahal, the purity of the marble, the exquisite inlay gemstone designs and the love it represents without being there in person.

Being in its presence is an out of the world experience everyone should have at least once in his or her lifetime.

Emperor Shah Jahan ordered the construction of the Taj Mahal to commemorate his love for Mumtaz Mahal (his wife who died in labor and who is the love of his life). The Taj Mahal and its gardens are representative of paradise as described in the Quran, hence the structure often being referred to as Paradise on Earth.

The marble mausoleum came to life for us when our guide told us the sad fairytale behind this architectural wonder. See here for the story that captured our hearts.



The photo representing the color red is a sneak peek into our recent stay at Crater Lake Lodge in Oregon! It is the sitting area right outside the hotel’s restaurant and next to its main lobby.

Crater Lake Lodge is the ONLY hotel that sits on the rim of the Crater Lake. We were lucky enough to secure a room there within 1 week of us arriving.

Other hotels are at least a half hour away and quite a drive from the rim itself, so we highly recommend that you reserve your stay at Crater Lake Lodge early! Right outside a double door opposite the fireplace you see here is a panoramic view of the lake itself.

You’d have to stay tuned to our blog to read about our experience there!


So there you go. Our five submissions for #CaptureTheColor contest. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

And here are our 5 travel blogger nominations to share their photos!

  1. Gerard & Kieu from GQTripping
  2. Barbara Weibel from Hole In The Donut
  3. Raymond Walsh from Man On The Lam
  4. Chris & Tawny from Captain & Clark
  5. Jeremy Branham from Budget Travel Adventures



  1. Andrew Darwitan
    July 6, 2016 Reply

    These are really nicely photographed and I love the stories that come with the photos, esp. the GREEN one! It’s amazing how much beautiful memories can be unleashed when we re-look at our photos. =)
    Andrew Darwitan recently posted..How to Photograph the Northern Lights: A Beginner’s GuideMy Profile

  2. Wan Phing March 31, 2013 Reply

    Hey Jeremy, just came across your post – these pictures are excellent! I really like your GREEN picture. I’m currently on MatadorU’s Travel Photography program, and the portrait of that woman in Leh is what I’m aiming to achieve – focused subject with a blurred background to create depth. Kudos!

    • Author
      Jeremy & Shirlene
      April 1, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Wan Phing! Glad you like the photos. To achieve the focused subject with blurred background, I really like using my prime lens (50mm with f1.4 or f1.8). Do check out our other posts. Lots of photos all over the site 🙂

  3. Inma January 16, 2013 Reply

    Love your insight and creativity! Keep it up!!!

  4. flights to accra November 8, 2012 Reply

    Really a great collection of images especially the one image from India ” The Taj Mahal” is captured professionally. I liked it.

  5. Dawn Hadwick August 29, 2012 Reply

    Blue is totally amazing. I love it. Cute photos!

  6. I love the photos! Awesome and that Taj Mahal, lovely!
    Wends of Journeys and Travels recently posted..My Letter to Dr. JoseMy Profile

  7. Arti
    August 28, 2012 Reply

    As an Indian and for someone who visited the Taj just yesterday for the 3rd time, the white shot has to be my favorite!! But really, all the captures are just fantastic. Have a wonderful day 🙂
    Arti recently posted..An Interview With BlogAdda and A Food FeatureMy Profile

  8. Vicky August 28, 2012 Reply

    Stunning photos! Blue is definitely my favorite!
    Vicky recently posted..Capture The ColorMy Profile

  9. fotoeins
    August 28, 2012 Reply

    Oh wow, I’m going to have to choose BLUE: you’ve made Maui look so beautiful and delicious. Thanks for your post!
    fotoeins recently posted..Fotoeins’ five : Capture the ColourMy Profile

  10. Cat
    August 27, 2012 Reply

    Really been loving the variety of these Capture the Colour posts coming through my feed but I have to say – yours has been one of my most favorites so far. Some of my favorite travel photographs are on your blog. Well done!
    Cat recently posted..Close Up – #FriFotosMy Profile

  11. Gerard ~ GQ trippin
    August 27, 2012 Reply

    Not surprised… Superb photos. Thanks for tagging us! We’ve already captured the color with food. 🙂
    Gerard ~ GQ trippin recently posted..The Gilis: Our First Diving ExperienceMy Profile

  12. Walter
    August 27, 2012 Reply

    Wow, amazing blue one! Love it!

    I posted my own suggestions for the photo contest over on

    Good luck!
    Walter recently posted..Travel Blogger Photo Contest by TravelSupermarketMy Profile

  13. Kent
    August 27, 2012 Reply

    I love it when your posts pop up. You always offer up some of the best pictures ever.
    Kent recently posted..The Great Elderberry Debacle of 2012My Profile

    • Author
      Jeremy & Shirlene
      August 27, 2012 Reply

      Thanks Kent! We really admire those of you who can keep a regular posting schedule! We really need to step up our game and get more regular with the posting but juggling work, life and blogging sure is tough! We’re looking forward to more of what you have in store next year!
      Jeremy & Shirlene recently posted..{Tips} Family Trips Are The Most Memorable!My Profile

  14. Diane
    August 27, 2012 Reply

    Your “Blue” is absolutely stunning. Makes me want to go to Maui. The judges are going to have an impossible time deciding the winner. Gorgeous photography!
    Diane recently posted..The virtue of patience: A trip to the post office in France is never quickMy Profile

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