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We ♥ travel. We ♥ photography. We ♥ to inspire by sharing our experience.

About Idelish

This blog was originally started in 2009 and hosted on Blogger as a way for us to share details about Malaysia for our wedding guests attending our wedding in summer of 2010.

When we went on our honeymoon in December 2010, we visited a snow monkey park in Nagano. The journey there involved trains, buses and a hike.

Wanting to make sure others would be able to visit the same place we did, we decided to revive our blog and share the details online.

We had a vision for what our blog should look like and how we wanted to grow our site. So in April 2011, we took the first steps. We moved our blog to a self-hosted WordPress platform and updated the design and layout of the blog to better convey the imagery and information.

We will continue to improve the site as we grow toward our goals.

About Jeremy, Shirlene & Liam

Hi, we are Jeremy and Shirlene. And together with our baby boy, Liam, we are the Ng family!

We <3 sharing our travel, photography and adventures from around the world. At first it was just the two of us and now with an infant in tow. We will definitely be sharing more travel with a young child tips and stories as well!

Our passion and love for travel & adventure has led us to over 38 countries and counting! We’re sharing our travels from years back as well as current travels.

In addition to discovering new cultures and adventures, travel has taught us a lot of life’s lessons – patience, respect, compassion, determination and many more. Through our photos and stories, we hope to share all that we know and experience.

We want to inspire you to travel so that you too can see the world, experience it for yourself and learn the life lessons it offers!



Photographer 100%
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Explorer 100%



Meet Jeremy


I have always had the desire to travel since I was young. During my elementary years, I volunteered to go to Japan on an exchange trip. Whenever there’s a chance for travel, I’m first in line. When I met Shirlene in college, it was great to find a fellow world traveler! We were perfect partners when it came to travel and we both took extra jobs at the university just so we can earn extra income for our next trip. She was always up for a new challenge, a new adventure and a new place to discover. Well, so am I!

I am multi-lingual, enjoy photography and inspire to capture the beauty of our adventures through our photos. I really hope that you enjoy and be inspired by our photos! We are both recently certified for open water scuba diving and am looking forward to learning underwater photography to share the underwater world with our readers! Besides photography, I enjoy good food, good wine and am always up for trying new cuisines!

We’ve been married for a year but have been traveling together for over 10 years! We have so much to share and I’m so glad that we’re finally putting it all into our blog and hope that this endeavor will lead us to new experiences, new friends and gain new perspectives!


Meet Shirlene


I’d have to thank my parents for instilling the desire for travel in me since young. Memories from my childhood is filled with travels to different destinations in the world. I was born in Malaysia, lived in Melbourne then back to Malaysia, before I moved to the United States. Every chance we get, we’d travel! These are the memories I cherish the most – traveling and spending time with family and friends.

I moved to the United States in 2001 for school. Jeremy did the same. We both love travel and became travel buddies throughout the years at school. After graduating, we both landed jobs at Google and Microsoft. We’ve been in Seattle since 2005. Throughout this time, we’ve not stopped traveling and everyday, I look forward to new experiences and new travel plans with my travel buddy, my best friend and my rock in life, Jeremy 🙂

Besides travel, I also love editing photos. I love seeing a photo transform from its raw format to what I envision it to look. I edit all the photos that Jeremy takes for our blog. Another passion of mine is languages. Just like Jeremy, I am multi-lingual. I am fluent in english, malay, mandarin, hainanese and hokkien (similar to “Taiwanese”). I can converse and understand cantonese, have mastery of elementary level Japanese and am currently learning spanish.

Travel has played an essential part in shaping who I am today and I look forward to continue growing and learning through the magic of travel.


hawaii_early bird

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Foodie 100%
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