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{Indonesia} Where to Stay in Bali – Villa Bedua

A chauffeur for 8 hours a day, a maid who cooks, cleans and does your laundry, a pool and free mobile phone use… these are among the perks that came with our stay at Villa Bedua when we visited Bali!

Like every traveler, we did a ton of research before deciding on our accommodation in Bali. We found Villa Bedua via Flipkey.

We were fortunate to have travelled to Bali during off-peak season and got a really good deal at Villa Bedua. For the same price as a small hotel room in NYC, we had a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom villa in Bali that had a pool, came with the services of a chauffeur and a maid!

After our experience there, we highly recommend Villa Bedua as we were very satisfied and impressed with the accommodation and service that we received!

For some reason, we actually forgot to take exterior pictures of the villa! See the photos here for exterior pictures.

Front door as viewed from the inside (walkway next to the pool)

We were blown away by the decor when we arrived. Here are just a few of the interior shots we took before we settled in.

Lovely decor in the Master bedroom (1 of the 4 bedrooms in the villa).

Master bedroom. All the other bedrooms were equally nicely decorated.

Lovely decor all around the villa.

Meals were cooked by the maid, Iluh. We just paid for the cost of the ingredients (we got to choose our meals from a menu, she’d go purchase ingredients and we’d pay for the actual cost of the groceries per the grocery store receipt she gives us).

Home-cooked mee goreng for breakfast.

We had home-cooked local dishes in our villa.

Delicious breakfast awaits us at our requested time every morning!

We sure miss having Iluh around to cook and clean for us!

We only paid for the ingredients for breakfast. For lunch/dinner, there’d be a small service charge in addition to the ingredients. But as part of our package, we were offered one free dinner service. Rest of the nights, we’d either eat out or buy take-out and dine-in.

We had a pool fence installed for our stay. It was a rather sturdy bamboo fence to our surprise! We paid a small fee for the addition of a pool fence, crib, baby audio monitor and high chair. We also had a gardener who kept the yard and pool clean. We didn’t see him around but the pool and yard was definitely kept clean throughout our weeklong stay!

The pool was one of Liam’s favorite features at the villa!

Our chauffeur, Rama was also incredible! He went out of his way to take us to all the places we wanted to go and took us to where the locals go for meals. He was always polite and cheerful no matter how early or late he was with us.

He would take us to the market daily to purchase our favorite local fruit – the snake skin fruit! We’ll share more about this fruit in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

Rama was incredible. It was so convenient to have someone drive us anywhere we wanted to on a daily basis. We just paid for gas when we refueled and provided Rama with a small stipend for meals when he was with us. The car fit all 7 of us!

They also provided us with a mobile phone so that we can keep in touch with our chauffeur and can make local calls for free. It was also helpful for us to keep in touch with the lady who welcomed us and took care of logistics. She was who we called/texted if we had any questions/issues. There were many more perks that came with our stay such as free airport transfer with flowers and free wifi in the villa.

Needless to say, we were very happy with our stay and would probably go back to Villa Bedua again next time we head back to Bali!


  1. Expo March 4, 2015 Reply

    Tetap Bangga dengan Indonesia

  2. Fabiana January 15, 2015 Reply

    Looks amazing! I’ll definitely consider it for my trip.

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