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{Spain} Best Peruvian Style Ceviche at Ra, Barcelona

We are craving a good plate of ceviche, right now! This reminds us of the best ceviche dish we’ve ever had so far — Peruvian style ceviche — at Ra in Barcelona!

Josep, a friend we met on our trip to Barcelona, recommended Ra, a local’s favorite for delicious ceviche. We went there with Josep and met the chef, Jimy who made us mouthwatering dishes of Peruvian style ceviche!

Peruvian style ceviche.

When we were there, the guests were mostly locals. That’s how we knew it was the real deal! They were about to close the kitchen and because Josep knew the chef, they happily obliged and took our orders! Thank you, Jimy!

In order: Josep, Jeremy, Shirlene and Jimy (Chef). The chef stopped by our table at the end of the night before the restaurant closes. Thanks Josep for recommending Ra to us!

We also heard that Ra was great for breakfast and lunch as well with their outdoor seating during the day. We didn’t get a chance to go back the next day but this is definitely a must stop for us next time we’re back in Barcelona.

Ra is located behind La Boqueria market. If you have trouble finding the restaurant, just ask anyone in La Boqueria market.



  1. Ra’s Address: Carrer del Carme31 – Passatge 1800 – local 19 -21. 08001 BCN.
  2. Ask anyone in La Boqueria if you have trouble finding the place
  3. Ra was recommended to us by our friend, Josep as a local’s favorite spot for delicious Ceviche.
  4. It was the best Peruvian style ceviche we’ve ever had. Next up, we need to go to Peru to taste the real thing 🙂
  5. Visit Ra for breakfast and lunch – apparently they’re famous for their daytime food as well. We didn’t get to try them, unfortunately.

Have you been to Ra? Where have you had the best ceviche?

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